Office Movers

Office Movers in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Putrajaya

Moving to a new workplace can be stress-free if you hire a skilled local office mover’s services. If you move to a different office or business in Kuala Lumpur City, Selangor, or Penang on the same premise, we have years of experience in managing your unique needs.

We believe that moving offices should be the ease of our company located in Kuala Lumpur and we work by giving you a nice moving experience and saving your time.

Our specialist service offers all forms of local residential and commercial office movements, from small home offices to major corporate relocations using our full all-in lorry services.

There are several aspects to consider when traveling for a short distance. Everything must be considered, including office furnishings, computer equipment, backroom servers, and even piano or decorations for artworks.

For a short distance transfer, there are several elements to remember. Any object, including office furnishings, computer equipment, backroom servers, and even piano or decorations for artworks, must be considered.

During the moving process, our movers operate effectively by removing all goods in the current office, packaging these items safely, transporting them securely, then reinstalling them at the present office, and eventually making sure that all execution takes place within the scheduled period.

We provide skilled house and office moving services as the following:

• Relocation across different cities within KL and Selangor.

• Internal moving between floors or other parts of the building in KL, Klang Valley, or Selangor

• Temporary relocation and storage for refurbishment, renovation, installation of carpet, or painting.

Our movers have the capabilities and facilities to move all things at your office, including the following main things:
• Long tables, chairs, and other fixtures
• Workstation and cubicles
• Filing cabinets and shelves
• Safe deposit
• Reception area
• Phone and audiovisual systems
• Wall pictures and fragile decorative items
• Computer server and electronic equipment
• Industrial equipment, for example, medical equipment
• Large inventory warehouses
• Heavy machinery
• Art piece
• Others

How does it work?

• In a project plan, first, the schedule and the scope for the relocation must be set. Begin with drawing up a relocation plan for the workplace.

• Goods that are to be transported need to be disassembled and packed into boxes for lorry transport. Boxes will be grouped and numbered according to where the destination is located.

• The protection of your stuff is a top priority for our movers. Our business provides temporary goods storage facilities where consumers need them.

• Our friendly movers will ship the goods to their destination on the scheduled date, maybe in stages depending on the size of the transfer.

• At the destined location, according to the labels, the products will be put in the right position and then unpacked, reassembled, or