1 Tonne Truck

A large number of people require a 1 tonne truck rental in Klang Valley, Malaysia for various purposes. Hence based on the popular demand a 1 tonne truck rental is available on request throughout the country.

We are here to provide affordable and best 1 tonne truck rental packages that meet your needs. We are a lorry rental company that has a strong network in Malaysia so it is easy for us to cater to your requirements Many people who are interested in the lorry rental like movers would like to find the exact lorry size so that they can plan to transport goods accordingly. In general a 1 ton truck overall lorry height is 2.80 meter, width 1.65 meter, length is 3.20 meters and inner height is 1.9 meter. The lorry capacity for one ton is a light duty truck, which is designed to transport lighter items. It is used extensively for transporting small goods and equipment.

Other than the normal canvas lorry, our fleet of 1 tonne Truck available are:

Tailgate: You can choose to hire a truck with or without tailgate. Depending on the load of your cargo which is carried in the truck, the truck body should be selected accordingly.

Bonded or Box: Trucks with a canvas body are usually cheaper compared to trucks with a box or bonded body which have a metal body.This is because the cost of making and installing the metal body is higher.

House moving

You may require a one ton truck for rent for different applications:

  • House moving for a small house like a studio apartment or one room apartment with less items such as bed, mattress, cabinet and electrical items.
  • Catering services for transporting prepared food and raw materials to their customer’s place.
  • Commercial goods delivery like delivery of small items, courier services
  • frozen and refrigerated food, groceries, ice delivery and other items
  • moving pianos from one place to another using tailgate lorries

Some of the considerations which affect the lorry rental price are listed below:

  • Rental price will cost a minimum of RM150 is for only the 1 ton lorry without considering manpower expenses.
  • If manpower assistance is require the charges will increase by number of manpower persons needed
  • In addition to the distance traveled, the cost all depends on the toll charges
  • The condition of the lorry based on various parameters like cleanliness, maintenance and safety are also important
  • You should check social media to ensure the business is reliable based on customer feedback.

Before hiring a truck it is important to ensure that the prices are realistic. Many of the rental companies who quote low prices often have hidden charges or workers are inexperienced. We are one of the most trusted truck rental companies in Malaysia, and started our business in 2017. So if you are looking for reliable and affordable truck rental company please contact us by call, whatsapp or email for a free quote.

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